Sharon and Jack Morris 2017Sharon (52) is in the kitchen making supper. In the household she has become known as The Supper Fairy but that’s a story for another time #ItIsASorePoint. Jack (10) suddenly appears in the kitchen, iPad in tow. He is on a mission: for once, he is ravenous so he tucks the iPad under one arm and sets about preparing a bowl of cereal. (And no, it is not healthy Jungle Oats but very unhealthy, sugar-laden Cocoa Pops but that is beside the point, isn’t it?)
Sharon (52) glances up, takes in this rather startling scene and anticipating an imminent disaster, says:

Sharon (52): Boy, what are you doing?

Jack (10) ignores her and the Cocoa Pops eagerly whoosh into the bowl at great speed. You can picture the scene. Cocoa Pops 56. Bowl 0.

Sharon (52): Boy? Can you hear me?

Jack (10) grins and replies:  Yes, Momsy.

At this point, he gets the milk out of the fridge and pretty soon it too, is whooshing into the bowl. Milk 81. Bowl 0. Moving from the kitchen table to the cutlery drawer, iPad still under his arm and now holding the ominously full bowl in his right hand, he starts to open the drawer.

By now Sharon (52) is getting somewhat excited: Boy! Please put the bowl down. You’re going to drop it or tip it into the cutlery drawer …

Jack (10) starts to laugh, balances the edge of the bowl precariously on the edge of the drawer, throws Sharon (52) an impish grin and says: Don’t worry, Momsy … it’s okay. I’m multi-tasking and I’m good at it!

Sharon (52) is momentarily speechless. Before she can gather her wits about her and respond he scoots out of the room with a final rejoinder: And Momsy, you do it all the time.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: I started #ConversationsWithMySon in 2015 as Facebook posts to document the funny and clever things Jack says. Most of these conversations take place in the car, on the way to school when Jack is sharp and Sharon is bleary-eyed. Needless to say he has garnered a social media following of note. Here is one of them and another

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