Contemporary danceFrom that book to that Facebook page … it’s been a fascinating week in South Africa. (And an interesting week in our household as my husband, at the age of 58 started a new job after spending 38 years as a print journalist with Independent Newspapers. #Astonishing #Stress!) Here are some of the reads from the Web which kept me busy. Have a great weekend …

  1. Eusebius McKaiser chats to Jacques Pauw about The President’s Keepers.
  2. This Joburger has got everyone talking.  His aim is to spread love and unity throughout South Africa – and to make people laugh. In no time at all his Facebook page has already garnered 160 000 likes. Yikes! You can read more about him here and join the conversation. It’s a good one!
  3. First it was a podcast. Now it’s a book. I can’t wait to lay my hands on Bored & Brilliant – How spacing out can unlock your most productive & creative self  in which author Manoush Zomorodi argues the case for boredom in our lives. Apparently it’s funny and compelling.
  4. Fifteen chocolate recipes you need to try – from South African food blog Cupcakes  and Couscous.
  5. Tal Spiegal is a pastry chef living in Paris who finds delectable pâtisseries to match his shoes and posts the results on his fab Insta account desserted_in_paris – the results are decadent. PS He has over 144 000 followers!
  6. This library holds 12.1 million books! Mind-blowing.
  7. The theme for the 2018 MET Gala has been revealed.
  8. Have you watched the phenomenal ‘Big Little Lies’? I’m dying to … another reason to invest in Netflix. Here Nicole Kidman talks about playing a role she found dangerous and upsetting. Riveting stuff.
  9. A different kind of pregnancy announcement.
  10. A quiet word or two as a newspaper dies.’ Darrel Bristow-Bovey’s latest column in The Times.




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