About Sharon Sorour-Morris

Sharon Sorour-Morris journalist I am a journalist, author, mom, wife. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, with my husband Michael (a journalist, author, dad, husband – there is a theme here), our children Kate and Jack, and our feisty Scottie, Bonnie.

My Twitter profile will tell you that I am a loyal friend, avid reader, keen Francophile and bad swimmer. All this is true. Especially the swimming bit. And I really do have a thing about Paris. What it doesn’t say is that I am a 50-something modern woman trying to make sense of it all while still holding on to my sense of humour (ha!) not to mention my sanity.

So this blog is about finding clarity and calm in the chaos. A sense of purpose.

It’s about the people, places and philosophies that inspire, interest and intrigue me as a “Midult” (the term wittily coined by a British journalist to describe adults determined to rebrand middle age!) in an attempt to retain a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step.

It’s about things that make life more meaningful and bring slices of joy to my day … it’s about prioritising self-care and self-acceptance.

Most importantly, it’s about realising that now is the time to smell those roses. #seizetheday

Welcome to Sharon & Co.

Sharon Sorour-Morris and her family The lovely photograph at the top, and the one on the Home page, is by Craig Dodds. Thank you so much, Craig!